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Tile roofs are widely considered the best options for durability, especially in dry or arid conditions like in Los Angeles. You can get clay tiles in numerous shapes and sizes, allowing you to design your roof according to your specific aesthetic expectations. Eric’s Roofing has installed thousands of tile roofs in the greater Los Angeles area over the past decade. We also provide repair and modification services. Please contact us for a free estimate for tile roofing in Los Angeles.

The unique benefits of tile roofing

  • Durability: Clay tile roofs can last for hundreds of years, making them more durable than most other roofing materials. They’re fire-resistant, rot-resistant, and insect-resistant.
  • Maintenance: Clay tiles require minimal maintenance. Once they’re installed, you can simply forget about them. The lack of maintenance also lowers the cost of ownership.
  • Insulation: Clay tiles leave plenty of space for air to circulate beneath them and regulate the rooftop temperature. This keeps the entire home cool, an essential feature in LA.
  • Resistance: Extreme temperatures can make most materials expand and contract, but not tile roofs. Clay tile roofs remain stable under extreme hot and cold weather and also UV rays.
  • Aesthetics: Clay tiles are generally styled according to Spanish and Mediterranean aesthetic sensibilities. But you can also get custom-designed clay tiles according to your unique aesthetic preferences. As such, clay tile roofs are compatible with all architectural styles.
Tile roofing in Los Angeles

Get the shake roof style in California

California’s fire codes prevent homeowners from getting shake roofs, even though they look extremely attractive. However, you can get clay tile roofing in Los Angeles, with the same style as shake roofs while adhering to California’s strict fire codes. Numerous clay tile styles can imitate the same aesthetic appearance as wood shakes while being resistant to fire.

Clay tiles that can outlast generations

Clay tile roofs can last hundreds of years, which is longer than the United States has been a country! Of course, the underlayment of the tile roof may need periodic maintenance, but the tiles themselves can last several generations. Not only does that make clay tile roofs cost-effective in the long run, but they carry intergenerational value.

Tile roofing in Los Angeles
Tile roofing in Los Angeles

Repair or replace clay tiles with the utmost ease

Clay tile roofs are extremely durable, but individual tiles can occasionally break for numerous reasons. However, we use tiles from many manufacturers and can replace the damaged tiles while ensuring complete aesthetic uniformity. If you’re looking for a specific design, please call our licensed contractors to explore your options.

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Eric’s Roofing is a residential and commercial roofing company in Los Angeles, CA. We have been serving the greater Los Angeles area for over a decade, and we’ve installed thousands of tile roofs. We are a fully insured roofing company, and we include warranties on most of our jobs. If you’re interested in exploring your options for tile roofing in Los Angeles, please call us for a free estimate today.

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