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Roof coating is essential for numerous reasons, such as increasing your roof’s durability, fire resistance, rot resistance, weather resistance, and much more. However, when it comes to roof coating, you must work with contractors using the correct materials. Eric’s Roofing understands the value of durable roof coating designed specifically for California’s erratic and extreme weather conditions. We use high-quality silicone-based materials to ensure durable roof coating in Los Angeles.

roof coating in Los Angeles

A word of warning against unreliable roof coating

Lots of roofing companies use acrylic, water-based materials for roof coating. Water-based materials are notoriously unreliable and simply don’t hold up well under stressful circumstances. Eventually, the acrylic membrane deteriorates and fades away, exposing your roof to harsh weather conditions without your awareness.

Water-based roof coating might work in stable weather conditions, but they’re no match for California’s extreme conditions. Sudden LA rains will likely make water-based roof coating deteriorate quickly, leading to structural damage and leaks. That’s why you must look for roofing companies that use durable silicone-based roof coating in LA.

Silicone-based roof coating in Los Angeles, CA

At Eric’s Roofing, our exceptional contractors specialize in high-quality silicone-based roof coating for all properties in Los Angeles. Our roof coating is completely compliant with Los Angeles County’s cool roof ordinance, thus ensuring your roof will reflect harsh UV rays. We also use eco-friendly materials that will last for decades without problems.

Silicone-based roof coating is resistant to ponding water. That’s because silicone is a moisture-cure material that doesn’t absorb any water, allowing all the water to slide off. This protects your roof from the damaging and rotting effects of moisture retention, one of the leading factors for leaks and roof damage in Los Angeles.

Silicone-based roof coating also reflects 80% to 90% of the harmful UV rays of the sun. This allows you to lower your reliance on the HVAC system during the sweltering summer months, which can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Silicone roofing also ensures your home remains relatively cool at all times.

Silicone also creates an impermeable membrane on the roof, capable of withstanding harsh oxidation, extreme temperatures, and wind-driven sandstorms. Furthermore, silicone roof coating also protects your roof from unwanted expansion and contraction due to extreme temperatures. These factors protect your roof and increase its longevity.

The unique benefits of silicone roof coating

  • Reflect 80% to 90% UV rays
  • Compliant with Los Angeles County’s cool roof ordinance
  • Minimize the internal temperature
  • Resist ponding water damage
  • Resist extreme weather conditions
  • Prevent unwanted expansion and contraction
  • Increase the roof’s durability
roof coating in Los Angeles

Contact Eric’s Roofing to discuss your roof coating options in Los Angeles, CA

Eric’s Roofing has over a decade’s experience with roof installations and roof coating in Los Angeles area. We only use silicone-based roof coating compliant with Los Angeles County’s cool roof ordinance, thus ensuring the most reliable roof coating services. We’re so confident in our services that we also offer warranties on most of our jobs. Please give us a call for more information or a free estimate.

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