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Metal roofing is the ideal choice for those seeking long-lasting and durable roofs that are lighter than tile. Thanks to recent advancements in roofing techniques and materials, metal roofs are now more versatile and durable than ever. Metal roofing in Los Angeles is cost-effective, energy-efficient, and durable enough to last a lifetime. In fact, a metal roof’s versatility is truly amazing.

Metal roofs are compatible with numerous architectural styles, structures, and aesthetic sensibilities. You can also use them for commercial, industrial, and residential properties. If you’re considering your roofing options, metal roofs should be at the top of your list. Please contact the licensed contractors at Eric’s Roofing for more information.

Modern metal roofing doesn’t have noise problems

Most people dismiss the idea of metal roofing because they assume it’ll be noisy. You might think metal roofs will amplify the sound of raindrops hitting the roof, but that’s inaccurate. The metal roofing industry has advanced significantly since a few decades ago. Modern metal roofs are whisper-quiet under the harshest circumstances.

Traditional metal roofs from yesteryears were loud because they lacked plywood decking to buffer or insulate the sound. However, we securely fasten the metal roofs against a plywood platform, thereby negating the potential of loud sounds produced by metallic vibrations. The plywood absorbs the vibrations, so there’s no sound at all.

Our metal roofing in Los Angeles is also equipped with a high-temp, soundproof underlayment between the metal and plywood. This prevents the metal from overheating, thus protecting the underlying plywood layer. To buffer sounds more, we may consider coating the metal roof with stone or asphalt, which will reduce the sounds even more.

Eric’s Roofing ensures your metal roofs have the versatility and durability of metal without the loud noises associated with older, antiquated roofing techniques.

metal roofing in Los Angeles being installed

Metal is one of the most versatile roofing materials

Some people assume that metal roofs lack aesthetic versatility. You might prefer the aesthetics of tile roofs and wood shakes, but perhaps you can’t get them due to local fire codes. Well, we have good news. We also use lightweight metal shakes and tiles that mimic the aesthetics of traditional tiles while providing the safety and durability of metal. Whatever your aesthetic or functional concerns, we can fulfill them with our advanced metal roofing techniques.

Metal roofs are eco-friendly and cost-effective

Metal roofs are widely considered far more environmentally friendly than other materials. They last a lot longer than most other materials. And when you want to replace your roof, usually for aesthetic purposes, you can recycle the previous materials. This also makes metal roofing more cost-effective in the long run.

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